Is it possible to view an apartment prior to selecting?

We would be happy to arrange a showing for any/all apartments, if the requested apartment is available and not occupied by a client.

What is the process for reserving one of the apartments?

Once all your questions have been answered, and you are ready to proceed with the reservation, we will ask you for a down payment of 30% of the entire rental amount to reserve your apartment. For longer periods, we ask for a 2 month advance. We ask that these payments be made through Bank transfer. Once we have received your deposit money, we will confirm your reservation, and provide you with any additional information you will need to meet us in Florence!

After booking an apartment if I need to cancel my reservation will I lose my down payment/ deposit I sent to secure my apartment?

If you can provide us with at least 60 days notice, we will return your deposit less any fee’s incurred during the transfer of funds (banking fee’s, etc, etc). If we are given less than 30 days notice (from your anticipated arrival day), as it is then very, very difficult to re-book the apartment we are unfortunately unable to refund your security deposit (100% of the deposit would be withheld by apartmentsflorence.it/ the owner).

Will I be charged any additional costs apart from the base rent, and specified deposit amount?

Weekly rentals include everything, except phone calls. For longer rental periods, there are additional fees such as utilities upon usage and final cleaning at departure.

If something get’s broken during my stay what happens?

If anything in your rental apartment is damaged or broken during your stay you would be responsible for replacements and/ or repairs- and this would normally come out of your security deposit. This is, of course, within reason and refers more to furniture and appliances- not if you break a glass!

When I arrive how and where can I collect my keys?

Based on your anticipated arrival time we will work out an approximate meeting day/ time in advance. We will also provide you with the mobile number for one of our representatives to contact upon your arrival in Florence in case of delays or evening/week-end arrivals, when the office is closed. One of our representatives will meet you at the apartment, provide you with your keys, show you around the apartment and ensure you are settled and have everything you may need.

What are check-in/check-out times?

Typical check in time is between 12.00 and 17.30 of weekdays, check out procedure can be arranged on the day of departure or also for the day before (in case of early morning flights). Alternate times are possible if previously agreed upon, however for evening, weekend or holiday arrivals we request particular conditions.

Can you provide any documentation that I can use for my VISA?

As soon as your reservation is confirmed, we can send you the apartment contract. This contract can be used to obtain your temporary VISA.

What type of facilities can we expect to find in the apartments?

The facilities will vary from apartment to apartment however all rental units include linens, internet connection, satellite TV etc. All kitchens are equipped with stoves (either gas or electric depending on the apartment), a range of necessary cooking utensils, cutlery and appliances. Most apartments also include a washing machine for your convenience. Please note appliances such as microwaves, etc are less standard in Italy, but available upon request.

We are traveling with young children; are you able to provide us with a high chair and/or crib?

Absolutely! We make every effort to provide you with anything/ everything you may need to make our youngest guests comfortable, for only a small fee. Please be sure to ask one of our representatives about this, and specify these needs during booking so we can ensure we are well prepared upon your arrival.

Will I need to pack my own hairdryer and/ or clothing iron and will these work in Italy?

All of our rental apartments include iron, ironing board and hairdryer. For any non-European appliances you wish to bring to the apartment you will need European AC convertors for 220 volt current. You can purchase European adaptors prior to arrival in Italy at Best Buy, Radio Shack (or similar retailer) and even in most major airports.

Are your rental apartments centrally located and/ or close to public transportation?

They are! Our apartments are located in central Florence (centro) and within walking distance of most of Florence’s major attractions and sites.

Are the neighborhoods around my apartment safe?

Absolutely! Florence in general is a very safe city and our rental properties are all located among the safest neighborhoods. You should feel comfortable walking around at night without issue.

Are all apartments strictly tourist apartments or is it possible to obtain long term leases/ contracts?

Our apartments are also available for long term periods for those people whose job requires them to travel.