An evening at the princess' table
by Princess Manuela Notarbartolo
The art of cooking and receiving guests.

The princess Emanuela Notarbartolo di Sciara is descended from Bartolo Wranghenio, who arrived around the year 1000 AD in Italy following his German Emperor Otto II of Saxony.

During these thousand years the family tree includes several viceroys, admirals and savants. It was the princess's mother, a musician and writer, who passed on to her daughter the passion for cooking and a particular international style in receiving guests from all over the world.

Entertaining important members of the aristocracy and enjoying a fine cultural life have been essential parts of her life. With her inbred elegance she will present exquisite creations of Italian cooking that originate from the various regions, explaining their history and ingredients.

Another important aspect of the course will be the correct art of "mise en place" on the table. She will illustrate the rules and perfect timing of a lunch, a dinner or a brunch. The cooking class lasts for three hours on two or three days. It can be held in Italian, French or English.