flowers and medicinal plants
History and knowledge about botany, phyto therapy and science of nutrition.

Each time two medicinal plants and two garden plants will be selected from the following list:


garlic, water melon, asparagus, chard, caper, artichoke, teasel, carrot, cabbage, chicory, onion, horseradish, fennel, strawberry, lettuce, broad bean, pea, lentil, melon, potato, paprika, tomato, leek, radicchio, turnip, radish, rocket, celery, spinach


achillea, alchemilla, laurel, angelica, arcangelica, cinnamon, gentian, juniper, marsh-mallow, iris, hyssop, mallow, pomegranate, mentha, nipitella, hazelnut, nutmeg, nut, olive, passion flower, pepper, elder, dandelion, thyme, mistletoe


- History and legends
- Projection of slides for botanical description
- Habitat and time, techniques of cultivation
- Preparation of various beauty products
- Presentation of various perfumes

The class will take in Palazzo Rimbotti, Piazza Antinori 2, Florence, 1st floor

DURATION 4 hours


Agronomist, Post-Graduate in Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture, University Researcher at Florence University. Director of the "Monna Giovannella Experimental Farm" of Florence University.

Teacher in "Tropical Horticulture", "Quality of Horticultural Production" and "Integrated systems for crop production", Florence University, Inter faculty Master on "Food Quality and Wellbeing". Lecturer in "Innovaziones Tecnològicas en Orticoltura Protegida" at the Facultad de Ciencias Biològicas y Agropecuarias-Regiòn Orizaba Còrdoba (Mexico).

Main researches on the following fields: crop production (wheat, corn, soybeans); food quality characterization and valorization of potato landraces and other vegetables in Italy.

Author or Co-Author of publications and on the results of laboratory and field researches in temperate and tropical environments. Results are published on national and international journals.