by Diana Grandi

A photographic experience in Florence in three days:
"Street LIFE in FLORENCE, how the Florentines live"

9.30 a.m. Day One - Meet and greet with the group

Each participant will present himself to the others in the group and so will do the instructor. A slide show of the work of the instructor or an inspirational slide show will be shown.

12.30 a.m.
We shall have a light lunch as a group in a local trattoria

02.00 p.m.
We shall go over some of the basic tecnical aspects (Aperture - Depth of field - Iso) and this will then be followed by an outing to the back streets of S.Niccolò, a great very local borough where Florentine life is still going on. We shall meet local shop keepers and photographes moments of their daily routines. We shall then come back to the working room where there will be an explanation on how to download the images produced.

05.30 p.m.
End of first day

9.30 a.m. Day Two

The group will meet in the working room and then leave to go out to S. Lorenzo's market. The beautiful fresh fruit, spices and vegetable covered market called Mercato Centrale di S.Lorenzo is in the historical centre of Florence, immersed in the most antique local and productive rutes of the city.

12.00 a.m.
We shall have an early lunch in the local trattoria to then walk to the private gardens of a Florentine Villa or to a private park in town, unique shooting locations with a intense italian character.

The day work will end around 05.30 p.m.

9.30 a.m. Day three

The group shall meet in the working room and leave to go shooting in the historic borough of S. Niccolò where we shall be introduced to the charming historical school of printing, hetching and graving 'Il Bisonte'. There we shall go into the rooms where students are at work and we shall have the opportunity to take some photographs of them at work and of the old machineres.

We shall head back for a 01.00 p.m. lunch at our local traottoria.

At 02.30 p.m. the partecipants will have the opportunity to spend sometime with the instructor for a one to one critique or talk and discussion on the photographs they have taken or on any othere aspect related.

The group shall then meet back at 06.30 p.m. for a group show on the work produced and a farewell cocktail will be served.

Curriculum Vitae:

1965 she was born in Varese
1984 baccaloreat in Classics at Liceo E.Cairoli-Varese
1985-1987 she attends the College of Arts with specialization in photography at the Bournemouth & Poole College of Arts-Dorset- England-In those years is assistant for many fashion, still life and video photographers in London and England.Works with the role of vice Art Dirctor and Propt finder sa well as production manager assitant for the making of music videos.
1988 She has a collective show at the Light House Piccadilly- London
1989 She has a collective show at Diaframma Gallery-Milan

Back in Italy Diana restaures a beautiful Tuscan farmhouse which she turns into a centre for photography while starting to work with Maine Photographic Workshops in Maine U.S.A.

Independent collaborations with internationally known photographers of European and American origin become stronger in time and for them and with them Diana organizes and runs workshops in various Italian localities such as Tuscany, Venice, Sicily and abroad in Provence, France with the role of production manager and organizer.

2000 Diana starts the refurbishing of the property in the heart of Montalcino counte, which she and her husband turn into a boutique Winery and Wine Relais.
(Il Paradiso di Frassina -
2002 Since then she works for National Geographic expeditions Washington and Santa Fe Workshops Santa Fe with the role of production manager and co-teacher. All the above indicated centres are the most welknown and highly respected ones for photography, internationally known.

She is actively involved in opening markets for the wines here produced and at present exported in U.S.A., Japan, England, Switzerland, Brasil, Poland, Germany, Austria.

Since a couple of years she works with some of the professional dancers of the Centro Studio Danza in Siena in view to capture through photography their fluid movement.

Diana's photography is the reflection of a dream like world and is often inspired by short writings and dreams.