oltrarno district
The following walking tours are generally offered in the morning, every day except in the week ends and when mentioned. the duration of each tour is approximately 2 ½ hours. these are just some tour suggestions: it's always possible to have a custom made private guided tour.


Oltrarno is the district located on the left bank of the Arno River. It's considered the most authentic part of the city center, with its many typical workshops where the tradition of Florentine artistic handicraft is still alive.

There are also some outstanding monuments in this area, such as the Brancacci Chapel, with the Masaccio's impressive frescoes which mark the beginning of Renaissance painting, the Santa Felicita Chruch with Pontormo's dramatic and revolutionary Deposition and the charming Santo Spirito square, with its neighbourhood-like atmosphere.

ENTRANCE TICKET to the Cappella Brancacci 4€ P.P.
NOT on Sunday morning and Tuesdays